09.2018 Nissan Consult 3 Pus V81 Download FREE

Free download Nissan Consult 3 Pus V81 software:



nissan-consult-3-plus-81-download-1 nissan-consult-3-plus-81-download-2 nissan-consult-3-plus-81-download-3 nissan-consult-3-plus-81-download-4

Another link is updated here in case the first doesn’t work:


C3P v81 and reprofiles v81



NOTICE: both links above are free software but not tested by professionals yet. You are trying on your own risk.

For sake of security, please go to a tested version, such as Nissan Consult 3 v75:


You’ll use Consult 3 PLUS 75 software with relief.

You have luck with the latest Nissan, infiniti, GTR the 2018 year.


Functions – Confirmed:


1.Scantool Diagnostics:for all Nissan, Infiniti,GTR
3.Immobi and Smart key: for all Nissan, Infiniti,GTR
4.Nissan GTR: for Nissan GTR Diagbostics, Immo
5.Electromobiles car: for Nissan Electromobiles car Diagbostics, Immo


Important: For immobilizer function, you need purchase

 Nissan Conslut-3 Plus Security Card (Nissan)

Nissan Conslut-3 Plus Security Card (GTR)