Nissan murano 2009 smart key reprogram success with CK100 key programmer

Have Nissan murano 2009 with 2 smart key, need to reprogram to ensure the remote work ok outside the slot card. skp900 key pro fails, then solved with ck100 key pro.

Let’s go
Car model / year/ problem/ what I did:
I have receive Nissan murano 2009 with 2 smart key,,,
the remote work ok but if i need to start the car i have to put smart key inside the slot card….
it could not be started when smart key is outside slot card….
so customer asked me if i can fix the key to start the car without putting them inside card slot
I have try to reprogram the smart keys
I have read bcm i get 17FCA
so i have use superobd skp900 key pro
I have enter pin code to release steering lock… i have try 0383 and 2925 . this procedure was success
then i have enter key program procedure… i have get error…. communication failed
and now the car could not be started with all key…
i have try all car and type on Nissan menu without success…
i have try to remove battery cable for some minutes without success…
when i put key in card slot the immo light turn off on dash… but car could not be crancked to start.

Possible reasons:
Verified the batteries in the fobs, ensure the new batteries working, someone may buy a new battery but turned out to be low on power (out of shelf life).
But even with new battery, still same problem….

Finally, problem solved with ck100 key programmer
the keyless wass missing the trunck button so it was not smart key system… but it look the same and have to put key inside slot.
Here Youtube video on how to use ck100 key programmer?