How to replace ECM on a HONDA ACCORD euro using HDS HIM 3.101.044?

Let’s start with the car model and issues:

I am trying to replace ECM on a HONDA ACCORD euro , I use HDS HIM 3.101.044 and a HONDA ACURA generator, but the codes do not work, it asks me 1 for the 2nd passwords. 5vin: 11961

Followed is solution:
2nd password is not relevant to VIN, the codes are as set by PC year change and I have only of year 2010. If you are willing to prepare your PC year change I can post the code, post the screen short of the 2nd password page.
Anyway never tested with HDS 3.101.044 but should work.

1. Ensure HDS is off
2. Change PC year to 2010, any month/date
3. Start HDS and proceed as usual
4. If on the 2nd password window shows ‘Number of passwords: 1’, uses code 8A3BD

Maybe Inspector_Gadget has codes for this year !

it’s good, the code worked well.