FAQs About Volvo VIDA DICE Diagnostic Tool


Here are some frequently asked questions (especially error occurred when installing) for Volvo VIDA DICE diagnostic tool, which might help you much while using.

Q1. Volvo VIDA DICE has already installed for several time, while still fail to install successfully. Always showing the message reading “VIDA NOT OK”, what could be the problem?

A: whether Volvo DICE 2012D or later version (include Volvo VIDA DICE 2014A, or even the latest 2014D) is supported to install on Windows 7 64bit. In addition, please be careful to read the text file “Read Me” about the computer configuration requirements.

Q2: In the process of installation, it pops out message shown “Windows cannot find driver software for your device”, what is the problem?

A: This yellow warning icon (mark red) says the Dice Driver is not installed successfully. Please confirm your computer system meet the following requirement:

1.Windows 7 professional operating system
2.It need to be Internet Explorer 8
3.Computer memory need over 3GRAM
4.C:// must have 40GB space
5.Software must install on C://
6.It must be NTFS format

Q3: when I go VIDA All-in-one after I input the password ADMIN, it does not accept anything.
A: Please install “Vida_patch”, after complete installation, restart the computer, then it will accept.

Q4: Does VOLVO DICE support diagnosing Japanese import Volvo S80 2.9 2002?
A: Volvo Vida Dice supports diagnosing for almost all Volvo car models from different regions and countries including Japan, North America, Europe and the rest of the world, but it uncertain whether Volvo can work with the modified cars.

Q5: Does Volvo Dice work with my Volvo 850se 1996 year car?
A: Yes, it does. Generally Speaking, Volvo Dice works with Volvo from 1996 to 2014 year; it depends on the specific car model and Volvo Dice version.