New genius k-touch V5.005.003 free download and user instruction

Post includes new genius k-touch full kit V5.005.003 free download and user instruction.

Part 1: new genius k-touch full kit V5.005.003 free download
Genius k touch full kit are supposed to include below config files.

config files

Loss any file, browse below link to download:

For xp user:

For win7 user:
Firstly download
Then download the application “raceloc.dll” which is used to fix the Fatal error.

English version raceloc.dll
Copy Raceloc.dll to C:\Users\PC Name\AppData\Local\DimWare\RaceEVO\7.0
Race evo uses setting files in order to work. And you need valid license and hasp dongle in order to open the editor.

Download source 2:!6d1kxCoa!WXqU_aIvYAHpgKBGrQOCnbZiShy9ycyQWUG7mOS%20xl-8

GenFile Extractor:!pBcxnAyL!p2oRjrzSBhuc4lMqcqdkpqxfWkX_Y_6t1ZlWzo__WMo!0QcXyBrY!zQFVRLYXuJpZJBR2AgFaww

Part 2:

  • How to use new genius k-touch to remap?

1 read data via obd and save file to device
2 connect with k-touch program and export file to pc
3 use genfile extract ( ori genius file ) before tuning
4 after tuning import file to device with ktouch program and write to car
5 And select work and programming on your genius

  • How to get the token reset button on genius?

Press and hold switch, apply power, waited 10 seconds pulled power out and removed clip. Power up and 30.

Last but not least, have one best genius k touch ECU chip tunning tool
Attach the best one PCB, as you can see it’s weld fine. Get it from

genius pcb board