Free Download BMW Easycoding Scanner V1.4.0.151112 Software

2015 Multi-Language Easycoding Scanner for BMW and Rolls-Royce Diagnose and Vehicle Personalized Setting  has been updated to the latest V1.4.0.151112 version. Here obd2eshop would like to share the newest BMW Easycoding Software for free download. The software is available from the link below:

New BMW Easycoding Scanner New Features:

1. Online Upgrading Module is added.
2. VIN database of BMW is renewed to October of 2015.
3. VO modification function is added .
4. Single system CODING function is added which makes CODING available on new or used  ECUs.
5. DEMO function is added.
6. Support vehicle till 2015.10
New BMW Easycoding Scanner highlights:
Personalization features
Visualization for commonly used BMW personalized settings, simple operation, support the restoration of the original state function, modify security.

Modify the original car VO function. 

It needs modify VO when you change low configuration for BMW to higher. Compared with expert version, this one new adds interpretation function for original VO.

Single system design code function
Support code matching function when you replace a new or second-hand ECU. Modified VO system also needs to be coded to take effect.

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