Key Pro M8 Programmer Feedback – all include car models & pin code ok

Got one key pro M8 at China, received by DHL for 4-days delivery, I spent some time to install, then sit in the car, plug the OBD2 16pin cable to the car and M8, come back to M8 desktop, click the menu, and start to program new key or copy spare key.


keyprom8 works flawlessly like an original:

I’m not a lover of clones nor will i ever be , but keyprom8 is by far the best of the bunch in both proven coverage and ease of use, Ad did a good job of protecting the new releases thus far, so not as up to date as original, but still a lot of coverage. Most locksmiths will agree me that everything I tried with it worked flawlessly as the original.

I tested successfully on old car even before 2006 and both new cars up to 2012 i.e Nissan Maxima and Altima up to 2012 year and they have the same immobilizer system.

ford up to 2010 was excellent even has pats bypass fully working as the original, a real time saver on 4c models, Nissan worked well as did vag renault and peugeot, though you must bear in mind it has the mvp pro functions of 18 to 24 months ago, so anything released since then wont be on it and further updates are unlikely, not the latest vag or ford functions, so wont do precoding on vag and wont do ford 2012 on, the rest is pretty much as the original, i couldnt fault it sadly , id have rather it been a croc of shit, sadly it was decent kit that worked.

Read out pin code

I also successfully read out pin code on Dodge, Audi A6, read pin code failure on kia, Hyundai and FIAT.

To get Nissan pin code, additional pin code calculator is needed, Nissan SuperCode is used on old Nissan and Nissan Pin Code Calculator is usded on newer Nissan.

I successfully use Nissan calculator to calculate 2011 Nissan Cube Proximity, here I simply make a instruction: 1) read a code from BCM. 2) input this code (for example:123AC) into the blank box under Nissan Cal software “SuperCode”. 3) Get the pin code at the right box



Tokens are a pain but cheap:

Despite being cheaper tokens, it’s still token based, key pro m8 doesn’t take tokens on that many cars for pin reading, though ford and Renault it does on all.

Tokens are a pain but cheap, buy 50 tokens get 150 free at present, buy 100 get 300 free, thats alot of tokens making it very cheap to use compared to original, thats around 2usd a token only, is this big token sale a rush to sell before they release token free system, or are AD close to shutting them down so selling all they can, who knows with china.