How to use Vcads PTT112 for Volvo FH -02 with broken EBS-ecu?

Have a old truck in garage, Volvo FH -02 with broken EBS-ecu. Need to replace but in Vcads PTT112 it seems like I need to have access to central diagnostic to program the new EBS-ecu.

Have tested:
1. Connect old EBS and run “59354-3 MID 136 ECU, programming”. After some steps it readout information from old EBS and then ignition off and connect new EBS. This works fine, however later steps it want to connect to central system and have static password or digipassgenerated password.

2. Have new EBS and PTT recognize wrong VIN and tell me to use same “59354-3 MID 136 ECU, programming”, same error appears at step with password needed.

Anyone can give me some help?

Attach PTT/VCADS pictures.

vcds-01 vcds-02 vcds-03



You need new flash file (such as Premium Tech Tool 2.7.25).

In order to avoid communication to central system you need also to set  PTT  in intermediate storage so you can flash the control unit offline with adequate flash file.