How to use Dolphin XP005L When 2014 Ford Fusion Key Lost

One customer lost his 2014 Ford Fusion keys, and he wanted to get the factory key code to cut new keys. He picked up the car door and got the bitting, but the first cut was missing. He knew it was HU101, so he tried to find bitting by Xhorse Dolphin XP005L with Key Tool Max Pro and finally got the key code successfully.

Here is the operation process.

Select vehicle database>> Ford>> Fusion>> HU101 (it’s 10 bitting)

Input the bitting he got, and tap “Find bitting” at the bottom

Fortunately, only one result appears, the key code and bitting are found.

Then can click “Cut by single-bitting” or “Cut key” or return to the last page to select “Cut key” to do.