How to use Autel IM508 on Seat Leon 2018 Adds Spare MQB key

How-to: add a spare MQB key to Seat Leon 2018 using Autel MaxiIM IM508 ,  IM608 PRO or IM608 Pro II key programmer.

Don’t have to be XP400 Pro. XP200 works fine.

Cluster type: VDO NEC35XX

Key type: MQB48 non-smart key

Go to IMMO->Seat->Expert selection->MQB (beta) instrument cluster-> VDO NEC 35XX-> Read Immo data

autel-im508-on-seat-leon-2018-adds-spare-mqb-key (7)

For vehicles with smart key, place the key close in the sensing area and then turn the ignition to ON.

For vehicles without smart key, insert the original key and then turn the ignition to ON. Here is a non-smart key.

Instrument will turn black. It will auto reset later.

Read CS and PIN

Select Make Dealer Key

Place original key into xp200 programmer. Reading data.

Then place a blank key into xp200.

Generate dealer key successfully.

Select Key learning.

2 keys all need to learn.

Turn on ignition switch with 1st key. Learning key in process.

Insert 2nd key and turn on ignition.

Learn key successfully.