How to tell Autel MS, MX, MK, MP, TS, BT Series

How to quickly determine Autel MS (MaxiSys), MX (MaxiCheck), MK (MaxiCOM),  MP (MaxiPro), TS, BT, Etc diagnostic scanners.

MS vs MK vs MX 

Regarding the MS (MaxiSys) vs MK , MK is a global version of the tool and MS is region specific. MS will have warranty support in the specified region, whereas the MK has to go back to China for warranty repairs.
Function wise they are identical. I bought the MK906BT over the MS because the MS was 60-70% more expensive from regional distributors.

MK are online products that usually have multi-language enabled.

MaxiSYS (MS) and MaxiCheck (MX) are the mainline products from Autel sold by official Autel Resellers (Physical Stores). MaxiCom are Online models sold by Internet based stores (globally). MaxiDAS (Now only the DS808) is a lower-end model.

Some MS models have region/IP limitations and has English language only, i.e MS Ultra. Better confirm and verify before buying.

With MS models, you will get access to AutoAuth (FCA Vehicles) and ADAS (for advanced scanners).  MK tools now also access Autoauth (update notice) but cannot add ADAS license.


MX: it’s a USA model. BUT it’s little more than a glorified code reader. Save a little more money and step up to their Least Expensive PROFESSIONAL line scanner the MS906BT.

MX808 is for the lube tech. MX808 has less “Hot Functions” Only the basic ‘typical’ service functions Oil, Park Brake, SAS, Battery, DPF, TPMS. So NO Throttle Learn, Gear Learn, H/Lamp Alignment, Window/Sunroof. Plus the 808 is a smaller tablet, slower processor, smaller RAM and Storage, No Camera, No USB & HDMI Ports.


MP: MP has advanced functions. It’s a bit more than just a scanner. It pretty much does everything including coding and keys. and pricing was way different.


BT: Any scanner that ends in BT is for Bluetooth vci.

Including: MP808BT, MK808 BT, DS808BT, MK906BT, MS906BT


TS:  TS= Tire Pressure. Anything that ends in TS has TPMS coverage and can program sensors.


TS608 is mainly a TPMS tool for MX programming, sensor relearning and tpms diagnostics. Its basically already included in the MP808TS unit, but none of the others. As a TPMS side tool i would rather go for the TS508 as Autel provides lifetime free updates on that one and it does the job.

One thing to consider is the subscription cost once the first free year have passed. The MK808BT (BT=bluetooth interface) is -much- cheaper to keep updated than the MP808TS. If used professionally, no problem. But for DIY this matters, what seems to be the best tool soon becomes outdated due to heavy subscription cost. Then it may not be the best tool anymore.


Quite a few comments against anything not a US model. What if you will be moving overseas? Would a US model get support in say Germany? So if you are not in America, you don’t have to stick on US models.