How to program new key to Nissan Nv200 with Super SBB2 Key Programmer

Confirmed! Super SBB2 is able to program new keys to Nissan Nv200.

Here you go.

Nissan Navara and the key
super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-0 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-1

Step 1: Super SBB2 gets security code of Nissan Navara
super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-2 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-3

super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-4 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-5 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-6
Step 2: Super SBB2 does immobilizer to Nissan NV200
super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-7 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-8
If you don’t know Type 1 (CAN) or Type 2 (KWP), try one by one
First, try Type 1(CAN)
super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-9 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-10
The key tool failed to connect the car
Then, it should be Type 2 (KWP)
Switch ignition on and press ENTER to continue
The machine communicates with the car successfully!
Program keys:
You have to complete the following procedures.
engine can be started:
1. switch ignition off and remove the key
2. insert the first key and switch on for 5 sec;
then switch off and remove the key
3. if you want to add more keys, please repeat
super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-14 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-15 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-16 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-17 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-18 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-19 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-20 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-21 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-22 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-23
Job’s done!