How to install Subaru SSM-III V2018.10 on win7 8 10 32bit?

Update! Subaru SSM-III V2018.10 is newly released, has abilities of diagnosis, reprogramming, it is multi-lingual, works on win7 8 10 32bit. This post is on install Subaru SSM-III V2018.10, as well as the test reports etc.


V2018.10 Subaru SSM-III software:

All-system diagnosis: confirmed

Each system check: confirmed

Saved data display: confirmed

Immobilizer (register key): confirmed

Program Subaru smart key: confirmed

Oscilloscope: confirmed

Inspection of BRZ: confirmed

Saved Data Display : confirmed

Reprogram : confirmed

Reprogram VDC (BRZ only) : confirmed

Alliance Vehicle Inspection: confirmed

Read CF application measurement data: confirmed

Convert/Save measurement data on driving recorder : confirmed


V2018.10 Subaru SSM-III Language: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian

V2018.10 Subaru SSM-III works on: win7 8 10 32bit

Workable Subaru models: 2015 -2018 year

V2018.10 Subaru SSM-III is compatible with VXDIAG SUBARU SSM-III Multi Diagnostic Tool



Youtube video on Subaru SSM3 V2018.10 Software installation on win7:

Note: Subaru SSM 4 is not compatible with VXDIAG SUBARU SSM-III Multi-Diagnostic Tool.

But Subaru SSM 4 has to be installed.


Subaru SSM3 V2018.10 installation in step by step procedure:

Click on “Subaru Select Monitor II” Install



Accept the license agreement.



PC application installation was successful.



Click on “Subaru Select Monitor 4 install “to complete installation.

vxdiag-subaru-2018-10-install-4 vxdiag-subaru-2018-10-install-5 vxdiag-subaru-2018-10-install-6 vxdiag-subaru-2018-10-install-7 vxdiag-subaru-2018-10-install-8


Click on “FlashWrite2 install“.

vxdiag-subaru-2018-10-install-9 vxdiag-subaru-2018-10-install-10 vxdiag-subaru-2018-10-install-11


Click on “Driver install”.

vxdiag-subaru-2018-10-install-12 vxdiag-subaru-2018-10-install-13 vxdiag-subaru-2018-10-install-14 vxdiag-subaru-2018-10-install-15 vxdiag-subaru-2018-10-install-16


Exit menu.


Open “Subaru select Monitor III”.

Have main menu:

All other models

Inspection of BRZ

Saved Data Display


Reprogram VDC (BRZ only)

Alliance Vehicle Inspection

Read CF application measurement data

Convert/Save measurement data on driving recorder.





You are allowed to reset software language ( German, English, Spanish, French, Italian)

Just click on “Tool”, then “Option”, then “Language”.



Please go on use Subaru SSM 3 for your job.


V2018.10 Subaru SSM-III free download:

not available yet at mega.


V2018.04 Subaru SSM-III free download:!pN9ggQSY!gFiAOun7DM_32_-MuQiUBACIhvy0Os-wUw1UZdanSbE

security: 100% safe, provided by Allscanner enginner.

Update: covers Subaru up to 2017 /2018 year.