Launch X431 Creader VIII (CRP129) OBDII scanner Reviews in 2017

Launch X431 Creader VIII (CRP129) OBDII scanner is widely-used by an increasing number of users in the world. Overall, CRP129 receives many good reviews because of its good functions and good price. Go on reading for CRP129 reviews in 2017 year.


1. I own two gm vehicles and this unit takes care of the problems I was seeking. Last used on my 99 Tahoe 5.7L to adjust the timing to the CMP retard. Well worth the investment. This unit already paid for itself after a couple of uses instead of taking it to a mechanic shop. Make the updates and registration to get the latest product codes and software.

2. Worked to help diagnose a problem with my 2000 Galant. Works fine.

3. Works well. Does ABS, Airbag, E-Brake, Steering, etc.

5. for a price CRP129 is a great scanner. I have been using it for years. The reason I bought another one is I lost the one I had.

6. X431 CRP129 is awesome, I really like it a lot, arrived on time and in new condition. It was pretty simple to set it up, I tried it and it worked perfectly, I’m very happy with this purchase and the shipping and handling.

7. Great tool for the money. Helped find the issues I had with my 2001 BMW 325xi and cleared all trouble codes.

8. Worked great on my Chevy when I was troubleshooting the Air Bag faults. Nice to be able to get detailed info on the exact sensor that was giving me a problem. Even nicer to be able to reset the Air Bag code when the job was done.

9. X431 CRP129 is amazing cause it reads and graphs so much data. It also seems to work on every car.

10. I work actively as a GM mechanic and tested this for the last week on GM vehicles. It is an awesome tool and works great! The codes are the same as with the GM tool (MDI or GM tech 2) and shows all the data that you need to diagnose a vehicle. The only thing I would say that it would need in the software is a way to diagnose EVAP systems and also the graphing portion is a little slow (and not to mention hard to see when you have more than one item).

11. love X431 CRP129. I used my blue drive to pull a abs code on a Honda CRV. No go. so I fired up my launch CRP129 and it pulled it no problem. programming this thing went well with windows 10, just followed the directions that came with it. But on our first attempt using windows vista was unsuccessful. Slight pain in the butt, took over all two hours, but if I tried the windows 10 first it would have been around 40 mins total. Luckily my wife has a lot of patience and perseverance. I read the bad reviews, and I took a chance and I am happy I did(so far). X431 CRP129 reads and does a very lot even compared to my bluedriver which i am also happy i bought, but side by side they do not compare. As far as speed, the bluedriver is faster. But if you put that aside it is a superior product. It is a little bit of a weird silence when you and a buddy are waiting for codes to come back…I used it on a 2001 honda crv so far and i was impressed at how many areas this thing was able to pick up. IF it continues to perform like it currently does, it is the most valuable tool I have in my garage.

12. It has read the codes on every vehicle that I have tried it on so far; Dodge Caravan, Honda Accord, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Buick Regal and Ford Focus.

13. Used it once worked waiting to try it out on Mercedes and Volkswagen

14. work well with older MB.

15. found it very useful. But I would have gone for Launch 129 for its ability to reset service light. If not for this, it serve all purposes. It’s also fast and user friendly.
I will recommend it for all.

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