Original Xtuner AM1011 Test Report what can work? (Lots pictures)

Original Xtuner AM1011 is a small handheld OBDII EOBD code reader, it is Multilanguage available, allows user to update online. Then what specific functions Xtuner AM1011 can perform? Here I take CAN protocol for example.

Use Original Xtuner AM1011 to test Hyundai.
Linking to vehicle, then communicating.

Xtuner AM1011 display system status.

Press “OK” button to enter into diagnostics, click “Yes” or “NO” to erase previously stored data to save data from this test?

Go to Control Module, two options: $7E9 and $7E8

Go to diagnostic Menu.
Read codes ( stored codes, pending codes, permanent codes)
Erase codes
Live data
View freeze frame
I/M Readiness
On-board monitor test
Component test

Vehicle information:
ID Number
Calibration ID
Cal. Verf.Number
ECU Name
xtuner-am1011-test-report-06 xtuner-am1011-test-report-07
Read VIN Number for Hyundai.

Back to test “I/M readiness”
xtuner-am1011-test-report-09 xtuner-am1011-test-report-10

Back to choose “Live data”, have 3 options: View Data, Record Data and playback data.

After choose “View Data”, I have three options : Complete data set, custom data set and unit of measure.

After choose “Complete data set”
xtuner-am1011-test-report-13 xtuner-am1011-test-report-14 xtuner-am1011-test-report-15

Live data in Waveform format

This video only shows the basic functions of Original Xtuner AM1011 to help you have an overview of this tool.
Thanks to http://www.obd2eshop.com who supply Xtuner AM1011 to test.
Good luck.