How to install Automatic V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine

Automatic V8/X6 Installation Method:

1) When you install and run the V8/X6 machine, you may get the registration screen as following picture show.


You need fill in the blanks by these information:

Company: To You

Options: 77777300 00710077 10000000 38494290

Registration: 6b44fabc 81bd66e1 9d704fa4 210ebd3c

2). After you finish filling those blanks, pls. click “Register” on the bottom right corner.

3). Then you will see a serial number in “Activation Reference”, pls. send this serial number to the customer service

4). After the Activation Reference number be calculated by technician, we will send it back to you, then you can input the code into the blank of “Enter activation Code “.