How To Convert Ktag 6.070 To Transdata?

System requirement:
Windows XP or Window 7 32 or 64bit
Steps to convert Ktag 6.070 to Transdata:
use first the installer and install trasdata
look what O/S you have into your computer and use crack win 32 or win 64
close internet
connect ktag to computer
look on device manager if it show you the ktag connected…if not,install the driver from ksuite software and reconnect ktag to usb
if the device is OK …next step
use Mprog from switcher folder…scan units and see if mprog can see 1 device
select ept.trasdata and press the thunder sign…it will rewrite FTDI from ktag with the driver to use for trasdata
next step…disconnect and reconnect ktag master to usb…will install the trasdata driver
disconnect from usb after driver installed ok
start trasdata with internet connected and without ktag into usb
if ask to update…press no updates
if there will be error something with server…is ok
after 30 seconds that trasdata started with the internet connected,connect also the k-tag to usb
wait until will see interface connected
update all pdf manuals
after that, trasdata is ok done..use it without internet connection.
Important note:
the process is long and needs good internet…maybe 2-3 hours