Honda HDS HIM “Timed out waiting for device to initialize”

A customer bought the Honda HDS HIM double board diagnostic scanner with Z-TEK USB1.1 to RS232 Convert Connector from,he connect the Z-TEK with HIM well,but it failed to communicate with laptop. He uploaded some error screenshots here:


Timed out waiting for the interface device to initialize.

-Update the MVCI with the provided communication cable,if necessary.
-To connect the MVCI wirelessly,run the MVCI Connection Manager from your PC Desktop or Start menu.
-To change the wireless profile on your MVCI,run the MVCI WiFi Setup Wizard from your PC Desktop or Start menu
-Your local firewall settings may also block MVCI communication
-Check your local firewall or anti-virus software settings.
-Ensure cables are correctly connected if you use USB or Enthernet cable.




Then he re-installed the Z-TEK USB1.1  driver and set the COM port. Still got error:

The service “Wired AutoConfig” may not be running.
The PC services (“Wired AutoConfig” ) and “WLAN AutoConfig”) must be set to start automatically.
-Ask your IT administrator for help.


Our obd2eshop technician. They suggested him changing the Windows XP operating system and follow the video guide to connect Honda HDS and Z-TEK USB step by step. There are 2 tips you should notice:

1. better disable anti-virus software program

2. COM port must be set to COM 1.


Problem solved finally.