Genuine Tech2 PCMCIA card vs. generic ATA card

Some guys want to BIN files onto blank cards.Here, i will share to enlighten you to what the differences are between a genuine Tech2 PCMCIA and a generic ATA card.
genuine Tech2 PCMCIA card vs. generic ATA card:
There are two primary types of flash memory architectures: linear and ATA. Both conform to PCMCIA form factors and can be used interchangeably in existing PC Card slots or drivers.
Linear Flash memory stores and sends data in a linear fashion (in Byte or double Byte format). To be able to transfer data into blocks (like ATA technology), so that the card appears like a hard drive, Linear Flash requires a software layer called Flash File System.
ATA Flash mimics the file structure of an ATA hard drive. It features an on-card controller which handles error correction coding, bad-block mapping, dynamic adjustment of performance versus power consumption, extensive self-testing and diagnostics and data access functions. This means that a card with an ATA controller appears like a hard drive to virtually any mainstream personal computer operating system.
In short, the most important difference is:
ATA cards won’t work. An ATA card is like a giant sd card or USB drive.
The linear flash cards don’t get recognized by the CPU like that.
For me:
– The restoring card:
You can buy generic linear flash cards on eBay for like $70
This is what I did for a spare. Same place I ordered my unit from. Cheaper than eBay.
I used the card making software mce in a laptop, but you can order it from China with the software you want already loaded.
So far,  I am happy with it, the card took a few weeks. The unit was 2 to 3 days and a guy recommended them on the duramax forum. I have a duramax and the Pontiac g8. I am happy. Works great, I would recommend again.
– Tech2 scan tool
For the Tech 2, there are 3 different units, look the same.
That is what I found on the site.
SP23-B Best
SP23-C Vetronix
SP23-D Newest
I did the SP23-B. From what I was able translate they are made by different companies but the same….
I went with the best as it was a little cheaper. I am happy with what I got. If I did it again and money wasn’t an issue, I would buy one with the American warranty.
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