Free download Tech2Win bin files for Tech2 32MB PCMCIA card

Free download Tech 2 bin files + Tech2Win bin files: Opel Tech2Win v182 v180 v175 v172 v171 v165 v161 v160 v159 v158 v157 v152 v137 v124 v123 English/German/Italian/Turkish/Russian/French/Spanish

There is software that can reprogram the 32MB PCMCIA card within the GM Tech2 diagnostic scanner via serial cable with bin files. Here gathering some download resources of the Tech 2 PCMCIA bin file with multi-language and versions.

NO ONE BUT YOURSELF HAVE TO HOLD RESPONSIBILITY OF TECH2 BIN FILES & TECH2WIN BIN FILES BELOW: free, but not tested by professionals!!!!!!! unknown security and perhaps high risk sometimes!!!



Opel version 180 EN DE IT PL TR!C4UmzZwb!cdT9aU3P6vsggJlxSSmOnXRU6dQ7TFomPua36uhit4I
Opel version 180 ROMANIAN AND RUSSIAN!SxFgDZhB!htNHvveJhMLWRVJgdDqeZvzJKSuuvVWjNvsW7yNViUc
Opel version 180 HUNGARIAN!W1NTmZJa!XdXGTubBSBmMJJlK0X3H0E5ggXefjhAHIaAwcTtL9UM

Opel English 165, 171, 172 and 175
Opel 165 EN; DE ; FR ; IT
Tech2Win v2.302!JlhF2STa!8ElYLExLisPlBaRbIX5sjQ

Opel v165.000 opel eng
(Pass : By ircpoLice)

Opel v165.000 opel de
(Pass : By ircpoLice)

Opel v165.000 opel Ispan
(Pass : By ircpoLice)

Opel 165 Tech2win Turkish version!VKhWxaCS!YRap9uCGVhusASaL-cLAZXTfgcoWmrRLrxFVQBsoDoA

Opel 161.002.rar (free, try on your own rsik)!NCJzTITZ!3G5MkCBBpW-y80mefbNZSdlBpDA5BNLZNzLUkUAgCTg

Opel 160.000 EN
Cadillac 117.500
Cadillac BLS 120.000
China-1 29.002
Isuzu truck 11_530 1996-2011
Isuzu truck 11_530
ISUZU Truck CAN 122_050
suzuki 29.003 eng

Opel vauxall v159 English!BChVERwZ!CSqkUwt92j6mQRRsKfwe_fDKpgGxuuf22FZQsQknB24

Opel Tech2Win 158.000!RSQmnDJJ!wm6BgxrdQQ3H3TTISbJ4g06sRTeXGBTm_0Xu9DPUXuY

Opel tech2win 157

Tech2win PCMCIA Opel 152 Russian!9HBlEQYR!u1fWZquqD7V3rvvyKtnFEfP3u5yg8cQHS41_5e8-4cY

Opel vauxall 152.00 Spanish.rar!xehw1KyI!1l9xYCqUSzXssqHR6nbQP6X43sEDrYPZtesqwwS5lus

Opel 137.000
isuzu 107.021
nao 32.08
opel 137.000
saab 148.000
suzuki 28.007

Tech2Win version 1.301!ZDAgzLSD!xq_E7MHqw4yn9-Ii8ioEUb4yQOcWxlpsSPGzB-6FOao

Opel – Vauxhall 124.000 English.rar!9exxyZiA!jWZxC7xKWBzr1js5pdJm51AEzm9G9qcodWBi9zR6G4Y
NAO 30.007 English.rar!pGYHBL6B!voeGbnRoqAYN2Td3JY2Tud2Bx1MzTdlWM5Frirzmk-o
NAO 30.007 German.rar!YWJT2ahZ!4sp5WDzE0SmX0nIkuEQmLhhx1AFjlP1ZaLJ7By9OpUI
nao 31.011.rar!Eb5EjKiQ!PwvvuWFisiHlIwbCBdx7wGGsx5BHr537E1QX1rtvCFs

Opel – Vauxhall 123.000 German.rar!cP4QFQIZ!wYVWyGE36787aH3TYKZ18Km9WnIezQ9vO1Eh4qAM0Qo

nao 33.004 eng
(Pass : By ircpoLice)

toyota motor corporation v21 eng
(Pass : By ircpoLice)

opelgt-chevrolet-hhr 33.004 eng
(Pass : By ircpoLice)

chevrolet ygm v23.002 eng
chevrolet ygm v23.002 eng.rar

saturn astra 31.001 eng
(Pass : By ircpoLice)

cadillac 117.500 bin file!HkRX1IrC!2H7UyazlmCBtr-03tdj984gSfbI5fZ7lggb5KyGR_DY

Opel abs v1.00!ZTZDATbK!2XfOwdJFOZPm5EetiwKF3hS2nvEyYj1qsyB4G6c1Fhg

Tech2 card writer:!DoBiTbBC!lBNmywhnxiur0Z13Vfbj5SgEYeDKwPIIDSUioBI4SYU
Try install the software on card using Tech2 and serial port with card writer.
It will takes about 40 min but worth try.

Tech2win 165
File including:
New version Tech2 PCMCIA 165.000.rar English
Opel German
Opel German
Opel 150.020 english.rar
Saab 148.000 English.rar
SAAB 148.000 32MB German

Opel 165 EN; DE ; FR ; IT

Opel English 165, 171, 172 and 175!JlhF2STa!8ElYLExLisPlBaRbIX5sjQ
Opel 165 EN; DE ; FR ; IT
Opel English 165, 171, 172 and 175
Tech2Win v2.302
27.05.2015 – Added Opel version 176

Opel Vauxhall V166.00.bin with opel_160-000_en.bin
Tech 2 cards bin files in English:
Zip file contains:-
Cadillac 117.500.bin
Cadillac BLS 120.000.bin
Opel GT Chevrolet HHR V30.004.bin
China-1 29.002.bin
Holden 1997 – 2012 V157.000.bin
Saab 148.000.bin
Holden Export V149.000.bin
Saturn Astra V31.001.bin
Isuzu 107.021.bin
Suzuki 28.007.bin
Isuzu truck 11_530 1996-2011.bin
Isuzu truck 11_530.bin
ISUZU Truck CAN 122_050.bin
Suzuki 29.003 eng.bin
nao 32.08.bin
opel 137.000.bin
Opel Vauxhall V166.00.bin

luckily!!!!!! You have tested tech2 bin files, use with security!!

Tech2 + Tech2win: 100% working
Tech2Win PCMCIA 32GB Card Bin Files: 100% working
software includes:
Tech2Win GM English 32.007
Tech2Win SAAB English 148
Tech2Win OPEL English 180 (Cars from 1997-2014)
Tech2Win Holden English 149 (Cars from 1999-2013)
Tech2Win SUZUKI English 01.210.020
Tech2Win ISUZU English K line 11.53;
Tech2Win ISUZU English CAN line 107.021

GM-English 33.004 1991-2013
GM-Germany 32.007 1991-2013
GM-Spanish 31.007 1991-2013
GM-French 32.007 1991-2013
GM-Portuguese 32.007 1991-2013

update to V180
OPEL-English 173,000 1997-2014
OPEL-Italian 133.001 1997-2014
OPEL-Germany 85.001 1997-2014
OPEL-Spanish 91.001 1997-2014

SUZUKI-English 01.210.020

SAAB-English 148,000

ISUZU CAN BUS-English 107.021 2006 to 2010
ISUZU-K-line is for ISUZU from 1998 to 2011

Holden-English 149,000 1999-2013

For 12V CARs only (no trucks)!!!
Diagnostics: cars from 1991 to 2013
Programming with TIS2000: cars before the 2007 year

(You are taking risk when programming a car, so it’s 100% necessary to use a 100% working software TIS2000. For software untested, forget it. HIGH RISK!!!!!!!!!)

Tech2Win initializating…

Tech2Win questions and answers:

Q&A 1:
How to get this bin file to work ?? I have tech2win working but don’t know where to copy this bin file into….??

open TECH2WIN > select option Modify/View > choose quickstart > and look to Slot 0: Memory card image location

You can change your image with this or make new configuration


Just rename this bin file Quickstart.bin and swap it with your old one .

Q&A 2:
How the hell to combine the files back to 1 bin file??

Extract with winrar it should then extract has 1 file
winrar should combine all parts

Q&A 3:
How to load software on a 32GB card on a Tech2 scanner?

Insert tech2 card into pcmcia port on laptop and use mce to write the required bin to card, once done remove card and place in tech 2 and power on.
Tech2 card writer is one of them but the method is much slower then reprogramming in pcmcia slot. Tech2 card writer can be downloaded free below as well.

Q&A 4:
Please can somebody assist me I have a Tech 2 with PCMIA 32MB cards and really need to find out what program can I use to read and write these via my laptop(elderly yet still 100%) with a PCMIA Port any correct info will be greatly appreciated.

You need Memory Card Explorer.

Q&A 5:
I use GT and install tech2win from Version 32 offline it still telling me that i have no licence. I tryed yesterdey with GT v. 36 in Online but i dont have tech2win there. sad i downloded Here The New tech2win 2.3 and its still the same.

I said use GT to release new licese not to install Tech2win
By the way T2W v 2.322 or 2.332 need to be installed in Win 7 not Xp
Use Security Acess to release one day activation in T2W
Good luck

Q&A 6:
I have the same story with Tech2Win. It is licensed and bin file is connected, Tech2Win starts very nicely.
In setting I tried to used other com port (i.e. com 9), and give serial number of MDI.
Nothing help.
I know that if you do not give serial number in setting there should go out some window where you can chose MDI USB or WIFI. But it does not appear.
I use it on VM for GDS2 and other VM for GlobalTIS. In both cases same effect.
Thanks for any advices. I tried reinstall also does not help.
Should it be during installation some “magic” window with com port elmulation ?

Yes you usually get a dos box popup installing comport drivers .

i usually disable firewall, disable any antivirus and reboot .
install mdi manger ,connect mdi to 12v then computer, make sure its detected by mdi manager, leave connected the mdi to 12v and usb close mdi manager , install tech2win then check mdi is detect by tech2win, Install gds2 check mdi is detected, Install globaltis and make sure mdi detected. Never had a problem .

Q&A 7:
The error message and the screenshot:

Tech2Win license information
E667481: Your license has expired or does not exist!
Please perform a software download or a security access to refresh your license.
Meanwhile vehicle communication and CANdi detection is disabled.

Which cable you using? Probably with PassThru.

You must send permission (licence) from GlobalTIS to Tech2Win.
Digit after the lock (bottom part screen) show you how many days you have licence to use. If you using GlobalTIS v28-32 licence will be for 1 day (24hr), after expired licence you must send again.

Instruction: how to send licence to Tech2win from GlobalTIS:
(the example from AVDI)
Run GlobalTIS.
In GlobalTIS click on Security Access (Security).
In GlobalTIS, Security click on the button Start Download. This will run Security Access wizard.
When its main window is displayed click on the button Next.
When the activation finish you will see the following window with information: “Security Access Enabled Security Access type 3”
After a successful security access inTech2Win you can see an open lock on the right side of the status bar. Inside the bracket you see the number of days the license is valid.
When you start Tech2Win again the security indicator is not displayed as long as no vehicle communication is being performed.
During the first communication with a vehicle the license will be checked and the indicator displays either an open or closed lock.

Q&A 8:
Where is tech2win settings?
i activate it more times and still the same problem

you edit tech2win from here

Again, Tech 2 32MB memory PCMCIA is available here:


TECH II 32 MB D Card

It’s tested and 100% working with Tech2 scan tools

Tech2 Tech2win TIS2000 Car List:
GM-English 32.007 1991-2013
GM-Germany 32.007 1991-2013
GM-Spanish 31.007 1991-2013

OPEL-English V180 1997-2014
OPEL-Italian 133.001 1997-2012
OPEL-Germany 85.001 1997-2008
OPEL-Spanish 91.001 1997-2009

SUZUKI-English 01.210.020

SAAB-English 148.000

ISUZU-English CAN-BUS 107.021 2010-
ISUZU-English K-Line 11.62 1996-2013 (new add)
HOLDEN-English V149 1999-2013