Free download GM TECH 2 TIS 2000 crack

Here, i wanna share something interesting with you all. I happened to get the GM Tech2 scanner software TIS2000 dongle crack version from mh****forum.

Usually, we users need buy TIS2000 dongle key for programming on saab cars

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The file that contained the software security dongle did work for me. When I updated the security access on the Tech 2 the TIS2000 still showed type 1.
I used the Tech 2 to add the components that had elevated security and it worked!

The setup instruction also shared by the donator. Just quoted.

1) Install software.

2) Run \Drivers\DDINST32.EXE and press “Express” to install Activator Dongle drivers.

(IF your PC DID NOT has LPT port you will took 1 “Error”! DO NOT bother!)

3) Replace original Id.dll and SCAControlUI.exe with patched in ..\Program Files\cosids\bin

4) Copy files from folder Dongle to c:\Windows\System32

5) Enjoy!ὤ

In the end, i collect some typical questions and answers . Hopefully, help you also.

Q: What is number of your COM port? Which you are using to connect Tech 2?

A: I have 2 available com ports in my pc (1 native and 1 usb to serial), both work without any issue.

Q: I keep getting registry access error messages when I try to install the DDINST32.EXE file.

A: You should have a real LPT-port on the computer.
Another and better solution is to download/install Saab GlobalTis from this site and then ask for activation in the right thread, that will for sure solve the dongle problems.

Q: Anyone can help with issues when add BCM or ICM3 and help confirm things with crack for GM Tech II tis2000?

A: I updated and add back a lot of modules. After every module update, I would add it back right after the update complete before I went ahead and update another module. I don’t know why your Tech2 require security access level 2. When I updated mine, only security access level 1 is required.
Your are suppose to copy the two files from dongle folder to C:\Windows\System32.
There should be 2 other files “Id.dll and SCAControlUI.exe”, Copy that to C:\Program Files\cosids\bin and overwrite the 2 files.