Where to have Tech 2 TIS2000 Software for free & how to use it?

The post starts with a question: I have a clone Tech2 purchased recently that came with “TIS200 Software”. Turns out the “software is only a PDF file and cannot program the unit.


Answer: As for what came with the clone, are you sure it just a PDF file, and not a file that needs to be decompressed with something like 7-zip to produce the three iso’s and the dongle crack folder with instructions?


When to use TIS200 Software?

Tis2000 is only used for SPS programming, and the Tech II is put into pass through mode when using such.
On export vets, you have to use SPS programming for programming in fobs, since the key in the cylinder does not work on them.


How to use TIS200 Software?

need to run under XP,.
So the short version, build a VM shell in XP with something like VM work station on your win 10 machine, load the three discs to the VM shell, install the crack, then build the driver.

If your laptop does not have a RS232 port, then will need to buy the needed usb cable to connect the Tech II to the laptop, and make sure to install the needed USB driver into the the XP shell as well.
Drivers are listed about half way down on the page.



When I did service programming, I went to the website, downloaded the java app they supply (that contains your paid subscription information so it’ll run), and ran it. All I used was a web browser and I re-initialized PCMs.


Upon paying the subscription fee, I was given a login. From there, each time I’d request SPS, it would make me download a serialized piece of java code that did the pass through to the Tech2. Once on my desktop, I’d double click to run and that was it. All the CDs and other bs were irrelevant.


As for the cracked Tis2000 (all three disc’s and dongle crack), pretty easy to find for free on the web with a search to download it for free. or the payable and reliable source: