How-to’s of GM Corvette base 2000 service active handling and abs warnings?


Car model and year: GM Corvette base 2000


Symptom Description: After the ordeal of replacing the damper I get the service active handling and abs warnings. No wiring was damaged and according to a friend’s scan tool the steering position sensor is in working condition.


I don’t recall the codes but I know that my steering rack and steering wheel senor are out of sync. All is well until I turn the steering wheel hard left.


Suggestion and Solution:

If you don’t maintain the steering wheel position to the actual wheel position, you will see the problem that you are seeing.

Someone let the steering wheel turn from the position that it was in when you disconnected the steering shaft from the rack. or moved the actual wheel position when the shaft was disconnected. Now the steering wheel position sensor at the base of the steering column (at the fire wall on the inside of the cab) is out of ZERO alignment.

You will need to disconnect the steering shaft from the rack and either turn the wheels to the correct position or turn the steering wheel to the zero position.

You should really pull up and read the DTCs in the DIC to rule out the NUMEROUS OTHER DTCs that could be causing this issue.

To do this correctly, you need a GM TECH2 or you can get creative and use a multimeter to read the output voltage on the SWPS. It needs to be right around 2.5 ish volts DC to be zero (wheel pointed dead ahead) Once the wheels are dead ahead and the SWPS is 2.5 ish volts, reconnect the shafts again! .


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