Free download and set up JLR mangoose SDD V142 software

The new version SDD JLR V142 mangoose Pro software for Win 7 has been released recently and can be downloaded free from the link below:

This V142 JLR SDD is a test version, and requires to install the frozen software after V142 SDD installation. Here is a guide on installing the V142 SDD software: IDS SDD JLR V139 free software and setup instructions.
When you finish installing the downloaded V142 mangoose SDD, you will find that the system will display notice message in red on the top of the program:

“The new V142 JLR SDD will prompt a Working offline; Limited Access Expire Thursday, June 26, 2015 at 6:14 PM”

This is the test version software, please finish setup and test during the prompted date and time. And froze the computer using the frozen software for CD, then test car in the near feature will not be influenced.

Here are instructions to freeze the computer time and using the frozen software.

1. Software installation must be within one day (for example June 26, 2015)
2. After install the software, install the SDD driver (old V139 SDD driver), test if it is OK
3. The frozen software must be installed at the same day (June 26, 2015)
4. If the software cannot be used next day (June 27, 2015), change the computer time/date you install the software (June 26, 2015).

How to freeze the computer and use the frozen software for CD?

Open My Computer
Open JLR mangoose 142 DVD
Open “DFStd KEY” notepad
Copy the DFStd key
Open “DFStd” file on DVD
Paste the DFStd license key to “License Key” column, click “Next”
Select Disk C:// only in “Froze Drivers Configuration” windows, click “Next”

Click “Install” to install the frozen software
Restart the computer if the installation is completed.