Customer XPROG-M Programmer V5.5 Test Result on CH AUTO

One of our customer who bought a XPROG-M Programmer 5.5  has successfully used the tool on CH AUTO recently.

(Because the information was damaged and had to clone the ecu, pcm board and then program the keys and finally they generate each copy with evo)

xprog-m-v5.55-test-1 xprog-m-v5.55-test-2


CH Auto



HW: 1012

SW: 1012

xprog-m-v5.55-test-3 xprog-m-v5.55-test-4 xprog-m-v5.55-test-5 xprog-m-v5.55-test-6 xprog-m-v5.55-test-7 xprog-m-v5.55-test-8 xprog-m-v5.55-test-9 xprog-m-v5.55-test-10 xprog-m-v5.55-test-11 xprog-m-v5.55-test-12 xprog-m-v5.55-test-13 xprog-m-v5.55-test-14 xprog-m-v5.55-test-15Requirement:

AUTH-0024-4 9S12HA/HY/P/XS/T family authorization

Device: MC9S12HA32/48/64 D-FLASH

4kbyte D-FLASH (erasable in 256-byte sectors)

Use options->Environment->Device Command to select required FLASH block (blocks)

Supported masks: 0M34S

Programming interface: In-Circuit (BDM)

Packages: 48 OFN, 64 LOFP, 80 OFP

Model: Filexprog-m-v5.55-test-17xprog-m-v5.55-test-16

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