Customer feedback: ECU Coding for Chrysler Pacifica 2016 2017 by WiTech micropod 2

Good ECU Coding Tool for Chrysler Pacifica 2016 2017

Recommend the good ecu coding tool for Chrysler Pacifica 2016 2017 (come with bcm coding).

Option 1.  micropod2 with subscription

Option 2.  If cars are not superior at 2017 you can simply download WiTech software from here and buy a Clone micropod 2

Witech 17.03.10 software free download here:!BNAjnAQB!AWiM7QTImGt5n0XvgqNLF6rZ87gFQ4GqC9rl4dOtYcY

Running more stable than the newest witech 17.04.27.

As for the Witech 17.03.10 installation and activation, you can watch this video

(Network connection needed.)
First connect MicroPod II to vehicle, if the red indicator turns on, then connect it to laptop and run software.)

This would be the only way I can think of outside of a witech 2 subscription that you would: be able to access the BCM, download flash files for it and flash it, then access the auburn hills FCA servers to “restore vehicle configuration” when you were done.