BMW E71 EGS update failed (Solved)

I came across a post, thanks @ CodeMstr on, I put the problem and solution here in order to help more people.


Question: I have tried to update EGS software with winkfp, my old assembly number was 7624480, I tried to update to 7644113 I started update procedure with no error when it complete update process 100% it gave following error.


[21:29:37.157] [2017-08-30] [<WinKFP Tool]   2089   PABD/CABD       06FLASH   Programmieren  2538

[21:29:37.157] [2017-08-30] [<WinKFP Tool]      switching programming mode failed  10FLASH, DIAGNOSE_MODE (ECUPM): ERROR_ECU_SECURITY_ACCESS_DENIED__SECURITY_ACCESS_REQUESTED


[21:51:39.934] [2017-08-30] [<WinKFP Tool]   2086   PABD/CABD       06FLASH   Programmieren  3352

[21:51:39.934] [2017-08-30] [<WinKFP Tool]      Signature check failed  10FLASH, FLASH_SIGNATUR_PRUEFEN (Programm;45): ERROR_FLASH_SIGNATURE_CHECK


[21:51:39.974] [2017-08-30] [<WinKFP Tool]   2086       Error    COAPI2.CPP    coapiRunCabd     6

[21:51:39.974] [2017-08-30] [<WinKFP Tool]      Signature check failed  SG_PROGRAMMIEREN


[21:51:39.981] [2017-08-30] [<WinKFP Tool]   2086       Error   COAPIKF.CPP coapiKfProgSgD2    19

[21:51:39.981] [2017-08-30] [<WinKFP Tool]      Signature check failed


I tried 2 times result not changed, my car is not operable now, gives lots of errors about EGS, DSC etc. I used winkfp 5.1.3 on windows 10 x64 with k+dcan inpa cable.

After second process my car gave warning battery is low so I gave up trying I will get a power source for 14 V 15A . it s on the way the better power source i can find is that.

What would you advice me to do, I cannot revert back because I dont have SP_Daten files which includes 7624480 software.


Good suggests:

Try to update to newer or older version.


Finally, I have solved the problem, thanks for everyone who read this post and try to help me.

I used ICOM next to fix the problem.


Not sure where CodeMstr get ICOM Next from, but ensure he get it from China since only Chinese market is available with ICOM next. Here I highly recommend who supplies ICOM Next at a cheaper price and able to pay by Paypal, delivery in one week.

ICOM next here:

Not take a real picture, but attach the picture they took, full package with ICOM NEXT, B Most , 20pin Cable, USB Cable,  LAN Cable and OBD Cable.


Not sure what differences ICOM next from ICOM and ICOM A2, but according to their description, you could learn something:

BMW ICOM NEXT vs the ICOM 1st generation
-> much faster in BMW F and G series ..
-> supports gigabit Ethernet too to be future proof, there currently is not gigabit Ethernet protocol defined yet for autos. Also it has USB3.0 instead of USB2.0 and a better wifi card.


That’s all.