BMW E46 SRS Light ON, reset using Creator c310 OBDII scanner & Inpa

BMW E46 Air Bag light still ON.

Codes are 73 seat occupancy sensor driver and Drivers air bag Stage 1.
Replaced seat belt tensioner wire harness since it was a cheap and easy job.
Tried to clear codes using my Creator c310 OBDII scanner.
Codes get cleared but light comes back on.
Air Bags haves been replaced via recall by BMW dealer.
Codes keep changing each time they are cleared. Shows air bag drivers stage 1 or switches tp air bag passenger stage 1



Resolved my airbag SRS light issue.
This may help others.
Cleaned all wire connector under both the drivers and passengers seats.
Removed the drivers airbag and cleaned all wire connector both on the airbag and steering wheel.
Checked for fault codes and then erased codes.
SRS light is out and has stayed out.
Hoping this solved the problem.



Thanks to DRE97 (


Also, someone suggest BMW Inpa because Inpa will allow you to see live data on which one is giving a problem. Just google and you will have search results on BMW inpa reading live data.