BMW Creator C310+ Feedback:It works for air bag and service lights, for real!


I have a 2004 330ci coupe and had a Service Engine Soon and Airbag Light on. I received this scanner and literally bypassed the instructions, plugged it in, ran diags and found my problems within minutes. I reseated a cable for the sevice code and recognized the Airbag code was due to previous repairs and did not reset. I was able to delete all codes, restarted the car and the annoying dash lights were gone. I asked the shop to run the codes for me when they changed my oil and they said it would be a couple hundred bucks just to hook the car up for diagnostics. I immediately ordered this tool and I am happy to report that it saved me time, money and gave me a piece of mind knowing exactly what was wrong with my car. Very easy to use.

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BMW Creator C310+ operate demo:


ByShelli B.

Purchased for my ’06 Mini. Every person should have an OBD for their car. Works perfect and has saved me lots of money in allowing me to dx and fix my car issues myself.