Yanhua Mini ACDP Porsche module 10 details and how to use

Yanhua Mini ACDP module 10 Porsche key programming works. This post is on its details incl. images, features as well as how to use instructions.


Yanhua Mini ACDP Porsche module:


1 piece Porsche BCM interface

Use to connect, fix Porsche BCM module testing point.


1 piece of Porsche key renew interface

Used to connect, fix the testing point of Porsche key.


3 pieces of Porsche BCM module firmware package (2 pieces of M4*12+6; 1 piece of M4*6+6)

Used to connect, fix the testing point of Porsche.


Yanhua Mini ACDP Porsche module source:



Yanhua Mini ACDP Porsche module 10 Features:

1: Free of disassembly, Solderless.

No need to remove components,

No need to cut the line, no risk of damage to the BCM computer board.

2: Set anti-theft data reading and writing, anti-theft data calculation, key programming in one.

3: The interface board replaces the welding wire, the pin connect with intelligent detection,

and the data reading and writing is safe and reliable.

4: With the key refresh function, No longer afraid of loss caused by key be locked.


How to use Yanhua Mini ACDP module 9 Porsche key program tool?

 Video demo:

In words:

Open “PC-ACDP” on your desktop or “Mini ACDP” on your phone.

It will automatically update to the newest version and you can see Porsche icon, click it.



Porsche Programming:

ICP Porsche BCM

Add key for new Porsche

Porsche key refresh



Go to ” ICP Porsche BCM”

yanhua-acdp-icp-porsche-bcm-03 yanhua-acdp-icp-porsche-bcm-04

Back to click on ” Add key for New Porsche” then “ICP IMMO”.

yanhua-acdp-add-key-for-new-porsche-05yanhua-acdp-add-key-for-new-porsche-icp-immo-06 yanhua-acdp-add-key-for-new-porsche-icp-immo-07


Back to click on “Porsche Key refresh”.


Ps: Any confusion you have, you can click on “Help” it will tell you how to do, for example: