Witech micropod 17.03.10 original free download works on clone

Here is the original Witech micropod 17.03.10 software to use with an original or a micropod 2 clone.

https://mega.nz/#!BNAjnAQB!AWiM7QTImGt5n0XvgqNLF6rZ87gFQ4GqC9rl4dOtYcY (No pass)

Installation tip: if you run all the prerequisite software first it works…adobe air…java 6 -45…ect…

Try at your own risk!

Credits to transamb (mhhauto.com)


Chrysler, will force us to go to the version2 of the witech en so we must buy an new micropod (1850$)
but now you can use your old one a bit longer with this simple solution
you install the program and then you go to programfies (x86)/DCC Tools/WITECH/client here you delete the file app-config.xml
and you replace it with the file included in the download.


now you can start witech it will give you registration error , just close it and go on then you can chose to go offline or use techauthority subscrition and go on agan close registration error , and everything wil work fine , and you can use it as before
it will ask to update , but DONT


Test reports:

1) witech micropod 17.03.10 software original is tested working great with chines micropod sometimes you only have to reinstall it after a few days but im using it now 2 weeks on daily basis.

2). on line programming work with this solution, reflashed a 2010 charger


Q: if this crack is compatible with wiTECH 17.04.27?

A: no this one is only for 17.03.10
use iobit uninstall to uninstall 17.04 before you install 17.03



Q: Only work for me 1 week, i can’t start again. I try everything

A: uninstall it with this , and then restart computer and reinstall