Toyota G and H Chip OBD Remote Key Programmer Using Tips

I start by closing all doors, the red anti-theft light is flashing as shown in the attached picture.  Then I insert the master G chip key and turn to ON position.  The flashing anti-theft light has turned off.  Then I connect the Toyota G and H OBD remote Key Programmer with the switch set to the LEFT into OBD port.  I hear two dee sounds (dee-dee) and wait more than 3 minutes, but the red anti-theft light does not come on at all and there is no sound at all.  I waited more than 5 minutes and still nothing.


What else should I be doing.  Is it possible that the key programmer that you sent me to be defective?


Solution from obd2eshop:

  1. Ensure if your G chip is normal.
  2. Operate as follows: get on the car, close the door, insert the key, turn the key, insert the key programmer via the OBD port. In the sound (deep layer), it will start adding remote controls.


When you hear two dee sounds (dee-dee), open the door. When the sound becomes harsh. Press the “Lock and Unlock” buttons at the same time. And press the “lock” button. If the high end, nothing.
Note: The switch is on the right (adding a remote control). If it is a high pitch, that’s OK.

PS: The switch is on the right (add a remote controller)


Toyota adds a transponder:
Get on the car, close the door, insert the master key into the lock, turn the key, and insert the key programmer into the OBD port. If it sounds twice, it will start adding transponder.
You can hear the sound (dee -dee), after 2-3 minutes, the anti-theft light is on. Then remove the key (the anti-theft light will flash), insert a new key, no need to turn the key,
The anti-theft light will turn off.
Note: The switch is on the left (add the transponder)
If it doesn’t work, it may be that the box has a problem.