Nissan Xtrail EDC16CP33 injectors with Launch X431: Done

Problem description: Read flash by obd2, injectors coding gone. I’d tried use option in galletto coding can but no result. I couldn’t write codes. Is chance write codes in eeprom manual? in .rar is eeprom without codes and file with codes. THANKS

Password: OSWALD


What I tried to do:

I tried write file with my codes but i couldn’t write it… i have two errors first is bad coded injectors and chain immu. this happened after write flash by obd. coding injector was gone launch x431 didn’t code.


Same experience for sharing:

Had these problems with same ECU EDC16CP33, just on Qashqai (with keyless system…). You won’t be able to adapt injectors when you have problems with IMMO – “chain immu”, first adapt keys/ecu with launch. When you choose Nissan, when first screen pop’s up after bt is connected you should go to special functions or coding, and adapt the ecu, after immo is sorted and car starts, then you can write injector codes with diagnostic equipment Had this problem, sorted with Launch X431 without problems.


Finally Solved:

With hez editor i edit my corrupted eeprom some things add some delete… atlast was one error bad coding injectors with launch write codes ( first not from gearbox like in Renault ) 1 is from time belt .. and car start without problem.


Here is my work with all files and how i fix my original eeprom without virgin. I hope it will help for somebody.!FcZlWSYI!h8HDObN25Qsir4CFknCJzI-OiZ6Vc3WOK2iZqYDlz18




can do virgin? and program the unit again, while recovering the loss
Once I wrote down the injectors in flash. restored with ecm opening, while there was fullflash bottom ecm

Answer: I fix my corrupt eeprom with HEX CMP very easy. but i spend few hours.. atlast is 4kb data memory. my work with files is here.


Good luck.


Thanks to @3inferno3 (DK Veteran).