How to Unlock CAS4 5M48H With VVDI Key Tool Plus

The problem goes like this:

Trying to unlock BMW CAS4+ 5m48h with xhorse vvdi key tool plus. But don’t read, ask me to remove vcc vpp.

Weld method: only read Read D Flash and P Flash, Resistor already removed, good connection.

Also tried CAS4 adapter, same problem, Cleaned contacts every time but no success.

Tips to unlock CAS4 5M48H:

Put adapter on correct pins and do swing movement – press left side then right and keep repeating till eeprom will start read.

Or try to remove the resistor AND warm the chip to 80 degrees to get a consistent read with the cas4 adapter.
You must select CAS4+ R_W_unlock to be able to write on cas … when selecting this option make unlock then you can write D and P Flash.


If still failed, here is xhorse engineer solution:

Update firmware to 9.9.9 and try test function 23.

Menu path:

Prog->More Functions->Others-> Test function-> Test function 23