OBD2Eshop MINI VCI 10.00.028 User Experience

I bought MINI VCI for Toyota TIS Techstream V10.00.028 on obd2eshop, which cost me $26.99USD only. It is only the one-forth price of similar products. I got it 9 days later. It is so nice that they offered free shipping.


The item received is as advertised. There is 1 Toyota MINI VCI OBD2 scan interface, 1 Toyota 22pin connector, 1 CD Driver and 1 carrying box in the package. After watching the video carefully, I can use MINI VCI smoothly. I have tested that MINI VCI can work on my computer with Windows XP. Also it works on Windows7. I tried to use it on Apple computer and Windows 8, but I failed. In addition, I find that this device does well in Toyota after 1996 year. I used it to do for my 1994 Toyota Camry, it cannot work. One thing I should mention is technical service. When I meet a trouble in using, I can send messages or call them to figure it out. They will help me kindly.