BMW ICOM software update to 2021.3 ISTA-P,ISTA 4.28.20,SDP 4.28.22

BMW ICOM software update to 2021.3 
ISTA-D 4.28.20
SDP Programming Database 4.28.22, Multilingual
VIN: 2021.02.25
ISTA-P , supports BMW motorcycle and electric vehicle programming.
for BMW ETK  2019.12
for BMW KSD  2019.11
INPA 5.00, winkfp 5.2.3, NCS 3.5.1
BMWAi Refresh Hidden 4.6
E-SYS V3.30 and V3.30, database V68.0, Chinese version software added
The latest FSC navigation code software and IBAC coder
Added DISV57 and DISV44 for old B.M.W cars, diagnostic and programming