Activate Mitsubishi hidden functions with Lexia 3 PP2000 Diagbox diagnostic tool

I would never have known that there were “hidden” options in my 2008 Outlander Sport until I got a Lexia 3/ PP2000 cable, although it beats me why they wouldn’t enable them in the factory and advertise as “features”.

The Lexia 3/ PP2000 diagnostic tool came with a CD. I noticed that the CD I got with this device had something called “diagbox”.

Finally got my device hooked up to my car today. I spent a whole day trying to get XP installed on my DVD, getting the software to work properly, etc.

I enabled the speed-based auto locking (love it) in parking feature using PP2000 and turned off the annoying seatbelt warning chime. It annoys the heck out of me when I drive without a seatbelt (on private property, if you’re wondering). This evening I saw another option called “comfort flashing” in the PP2000 customer options. This is the feature that lets you slightly tap the turn signal stalk and have it flash 3 times. According to the car manual, the number of flashes can be adjusted usingMMCS. I looked around but couldn’t find the place where I can change the number of flashes (I want to bump mine up from 3 to 5). The option in PP2000 was only to active/deactivate the feature, and there was nothing there that let me change the parameters of it.

I also want to have both my DRLs and Fog lamps in the same assembly but have not figure out how to do it yet. Anyways, given the convenience and cheap price, the tool would be worth it.