(Solved) VPC100 PIN Code Calculator Parameter error

VPC100 PIN code calculator has become a popular device among locksmiths since its debut early this year. The VPC all in one tool in our shop is genuine and locksmiths usually do not have problem using it. But yesterday a customer told me his VPC100 gave him “Connecting server: Parameter error”. If you have ever got the error message, here is a solution offered by obd2eshop technician.o


According to our technician, there are three possible ways to solve the problem:

  1. Close anti-virus software when installing the tool.
  2. Close firewall when using it.
  3. Use a better network.

The customer followed the advices and got his VPC-100 PIN code reader work after connecting it to another network.

obd2eshop technician explains that VPC-100 may not work well when it is damaged by anti-virus or firewall software on the PC or when there is lag on the computer network. Therefore, if your VPC100 has the same issue, you can try to fix it yourself by using the three methods above.