Review For Autel IM608 Pro2 vs IM608 Pro Comparison

This is an unboxing review to compare latest version Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro2 with old version IM608 Pro. The comparison includes appearance, VCI, hardware configuration, software layout and operating experience.

Here’s Autel IM608 Pro2 case on the right. Compared them side by side, it’s huger than the left one IM608 Pro case. Let’s open up the case to see the two devices. Both tablets have same screen size, battery capability and top ports.

The main differences between them is the hardware configuration. The latest generation IM608 Pro2 has a new screen display with main software. That’s because it’s using the latest Android 10.0 operating system while IM608 is using the older Android 4.4.2 version. Also, IM608 Pro2 has more memory space 4G RAM and 128G ROM while IM608 only has 2G RAM and 64G ROM.



Compare J2534 vehicle communication interfaces, the IM608 Pro2 JVCI+ is also a new one. They both have USB port, but the JVCI+ should work with Autel USB cable V2 only.


On the other side, the old JVCI has a 12 volt power port and a regular OBD port. The JVCI+ has added a built-in Doip & CAN FD protocol port on the basis, which is mainly used for new BMW F series, Land Rover, Volvo, GMS or Ford, etc. No more need a converter as old JVCI, JVCI+ can support CAN protocol read & write without password. There’s also something to note that JVCI+ OBD port can only use Autel main cable V2.0.



There’s really not software coverage differences between Autel IM608 II & IM608. That means both tools have the same key programming coverage and diagnostic programming coverage.


Now let’s take a look at the different software layout on two devices. It’s really different on  main menu. Go into IMMO function, they are essentially the same layout. When you open a manufacturer, just a little bit of difference for function icons. If we go into “Manual Selection”, IM608 Pro2 shows more of list view on the right while IM608 does not. Operationally speaking, apart from slight differences in icon layout, the overall software functions are all the same.



If you ask me, which Autel Automotive Key Tool is better? For those on a budget, the IM608 Pro is a good choice. Because it has no difference in software functions from the new version. But from the perspective of smart tool, you’ll never go wrong buying a new edition.