obd2eshop Rolls Out XMAS Special Price and Free Shipping Tools!

From Dec.19 to Dec.26, obd2eshop is rolling out the second round Christmas promotion with special price and free shipping tools!Xmas2
Special Price Items:

Product            Price(USD)
SP23-C            329
SP23-B3          305
SH27-B            245
SP247             165
SP100-D          489
SP239-B          88
SM47-E           159
SE80-C            95
Free Shipping Items:

Product            Price(USD)

SE103              39.99
SC74                29.99
SC252              279
LSA144            59.99
SO134              9.99
SC133              12.99
SC03                7.99

SC104              7.99

Learn more about obd2eshop XMAS Sale: http://www.obd2eshop.com/producttags/xmas-sale.html