Ksuite 2.53 for Kess V2 V5.017 Free Download and Installation

Free Download and Install Ksuite 2.53 for Kess V2 V5.017

Part 1: Free Download Kess v2 ksuite v2.53 software

  • https://share.weiyun.com/5FPSb3H
  • Password: i4cwgr (tested 100%)

Mega link (not tested): https://mega.nz/#!Lol0GCZR!nOeibBrssBZGwzzvHAlNozrMV3VkVWIl9P0zBT6dcIo

Part 2: Advantages of v2.53 version over v2.23:
– additional 300 unlocked protocols  that you can read directly through OBD  which means more supported cars up to 2017 MY;
– Bug fixes with checksum;
– Various other bug fixes;
– No token limits;
– Working online with internet connection with no problems;
– No cracks and keygens.

V2.53 Only works for Red /Green KESS V5.017 China or EU clone, does not support KTAG V7.020 / KESS V4.036
Software Language: English/ German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ French
How to Install Kess V2 V2.53 Software on Windows 7?
Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 7 etc

Part 3: How to install Ksuite 2.53 for Kess V2
It is very easy to install. Does not require activation.

Open software CD

Copy and paste then extract Ksuite253.zip to disk C://
Open Ksuite253 folder on C://

Send Ksuite to desktop (create shortcut)

Open Driver folder and open vcredist_v86 to install Microsoft Virsual C++ 2005

Then open Driver_USBDEVICEDRV
Select driver language

Press Install to install driver until succeed

Connect kess v2 with computer. Windows will detect and install USB device.

You can check USB device on Computer Device Manager as well.

Run Ksuite shortcut on desktop

Check device info
Select Ksuite language
Software is ready to use.