How to Active Alarm Bypass For Mustang 2018 With Xhorse Ford AKL Cable

VVDI key tool plus users have this adapter for all keys lost and it works for them.

Xhorse Ford Akl Cable

Xhorse Ford Akl Cable 3

Smart Key All Key Lost Programming for Following Models:

Ford Taurus 2016-
Ford Mondeo 2016-
Ford EcoSport 2018-
Ford Edge 2016-
Ford Escape 2020
Ford Escort 2018-
Ford Focus 2018-
Ford Mustang 2016-
Ford Expedition 2020
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Ford Raptor F150 2018-2019
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Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2020
Lincoln MKT 2020
Lincoln Navigator 2020
Xhorse Ford AKL Cable Mustang 2018 Active Alarm Bypass review:

“We are looking at a 2018 Ford Mustang.   The situation was a locksmith came out here and somehow managed to clear all the keys out and then they couldn’t add keys back in had an active alarm situation.

My first time actually trying the Xhorse ford mustang alarm active bypass cable but it worked like a charm.

What i had to do is unhook the positive lead connect this orange piece to the positive. Connect read to the battery.  Now the battery was low so then i also has to put a jumper box on the positive lead and then just to the negative terminal to ground it out to get enough juice to program the keys.

Then just simply plug the cable into your OBD connector and then into your OBD2 port.

The cable definitely not work with mini obd tool.  The programmer has to have its own power. And the mini OBD requires power from the car.

You also have to latch the door so the car thinks the doors are closed. It says just to close driver door but i had to open the passenger door as well because the cable was not long enough to reach the battery because it’s on the passenger side of the car so i pushed both latches in on both sides.

So the car thought both doors were closed. I went through a little 10-minute process and it programmed the keys right in one try.

Also i’ll throw a connection diagram, just so you can see the connections but the vvdi key tool plus also has a pretty good picture.

I did the 2018 Mustang with an active alarm so i am actually pretty impressed with it.”
Xhorse Ford AKL Bypass Cable Review