Godiag J2534 Is Better than Openport 2.0 ?

Openport 2.0 and godiag GD101 J2534 which is a better J2534 passthru device?

Let’s take a look at the comparison table first.

Item Openport 2.0 

Openport 20 Techstream

Godiag J2534/VNCI NANO J2534 

Godiag J2534 Review 4

Protocols CAN 2.0 

CAN/ISO15765 and K-line

KWP2000/dual K-line

ISO15765, ISO9141, ISO14230, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW
ELM327 mode ELMConfig, ScanMaster, AlfaOBD, FiatECUScan 
ECUFlash Yes for Mitsubishi and Subaru
Honda HDS Yes Yes
Toyota Techstream Yes Yes
Forscan Yes Yes
Renault Clip Yes Yes
Benz Xentry Passthru Yes Yes
Nissan Consult 3+ Yes Yes
GM GDS2 Yes Yes
J1979 Tester Yes
Subaru SSM4 Yes Not tested
PCMFlash Yes Yes
Operating system Windows XP/Win 7/Win10, better 32bit Windows 8/10/11, 32/64bit 

(driver not recognized if use Win7/WinXP)

Firmware Update Yes
Connection USB USB

In sum:

Both cables are cheap and better keep both.

Godiag J2534/VNCI J2534 also works in ELM mode. It is compatible with ELM apps. Openport does not. But Openport comes with ECUFlash for Subaru and Mitsubishi cars.

Both cables will not perform any programming with it. If you need something just to see codes than this will work fine but it is not the universal tool for performing any functions. Both cables can only be used as J2534 devices, they cannot emulator OEM software.

If need a j2534 device that will also emulate original factory software, go for vxdiag instead.