In this article, we are going to compare two handy key programmers — Xhorse Key Tool Max and Autel KM100.

Remote Control

The biggest difference is to generate remotes.

Autel is more capable on some brands like BMW.

Xhorse has old EWS remotes but it doesn’t have any CAS remotes or FEM, BDC but there are no CAS3/ 3+.

We also have the FCC.

Type of Keys

Autel is focusing on new models, new keys and smart keys but have few very old keys.

In Xhorse it’s doing also the old type of keys with the blade, the flip keys.


Special Function

On special functions, both have immo data processing.

Anyway, Xhorse has more functions.

Check Audi in immo data tool.

On the Autel it also supports BCM2 but you need to read and load.

EZS, it’s also supported in Xhorse on “Allroad”.


Remote Unlock

Check Hyundai.

Here we have a lot of different PCB series; here we have only two.

PSA, Xhorse has more than Autel.

Go to Renault.




I didn’t see it in Xhorse.

Of course we can generate Super Chips, we can clone, generate.


Frequency Detection

On the Xhorse, if it’s a 868 we need to change that frequency.

On our Autel it’s detecting automatically.


Read Key

Take a BMW Fem key.

Autel doesn’t any extra details like reading transponder with Xhorse.

Both I’m happy with but I saw some differences.