Which auto key programmer for Jaguar Land Rover KVM 2015-2018?

Here are a lot of questions and answers of Jaguar and Land Rover key programming:


Q: Is there any good car key programmer for Jaguar and Land Rover?

A: Yes. You can do JLR IMMO using MART Tool.


Q: Which auto key tool for new JLR MY2015-2018?

A: Mart tool is confirmed to work with JLR MY2015-2018.


Q: Possible to use MART TOOL for new Land Rover key programming?

A: Yes. MY2015-2018 is verified to work no issue with MART TOOL.


Q: Does anyone have a good success of MART Tool?

A: Yep. Real pros working for obd2eshop.com tested it.


Look here: MART Tool 100% Tested!



Step 1: connect the immo to VVDI-Prog

Step 2: read data with VVDI-Prog

Step 3: generate a dealer with MART TOOL

Step 4: write data with VVDIProg

Step 5: install the immo

Step 6: test the new dealer key


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Step 1: disassemble the immo box,

remove components inside and do diagram connection

MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-1 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-2 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-3 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-4 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-5 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-6 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-7 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-8 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-9 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-10 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-11 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-12 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-13

Step 2: read eeprom with Xhorse VVDI Prog and save bin files

MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-14 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-15 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-16 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-17

Step 3: upload bin files (KVM_EEPROM, KVM_DFLASH) to MART TOOL

and recognize the key, generate a dealer key

then save data to write with VVDI-Prog

MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-18 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-19 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-20 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-21 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-22 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-23 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-24 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-25

Step 4: write key data using VVDIProg (sec key: FE)

MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-26 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-27 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-28 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-29 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-30 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-31

Step 5: desolder the connection to VVDIProg

and solder the component as the original, then install immo

MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-32 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-33 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-34 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-35 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-36 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-37 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-38 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-39

Step 6: test the new key programmed by MART TOOL

MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-40 MART-TOOL-ranger-rover-add-key-41

The new key works like a charm!

Job’s done!