What is the difference between SVCI ING and Consult III Plus


SVCI ING and Consult III Plus

  • SVCI ING= Consult III Plus + Security Card + GTR Card + Bluetooth 4.0
  • It was improved 500 % speed for programming modules than OEM Nissan consult 3 plus tool
  • Support all the INFINITI NISSAN GTR models ( 1996MY up to now ) diagnostic, immobilizer and programming functions

SVCI ING For Nissan Features

  • Language:  Chinese, English, Japanese
  • More stable and zero mortality for modules programming
  • Support USB power supply and Bluetooth v4.0 connection.
  • Build-in security card and GRT card functions, immobilizer bypass password.
  • Provide mobile android software and Windows software ( BAOCHI cloud diagnostic )