Turn Off Engine Light on By Yourself

Check engine light illuminating or flashing is one of the most common car problems most car owners may meet in the daily life. Usually, it is a small problem; while we may be charged with high cost when bring cars to workshop. To avoid being ripped off, you can find out what does the warning mean by yourself. What you need is an OBD2 tool, which will help you to retrieve trouble codes from your car.

By saying this I mean any car diagnostic tool that supports DTCs reading from you vehicle is enough to get the job done. Take VW cars for example. If you are going to troubleshoot a VW car, many VW diagnostic toolson the market can meet your demand, such as VAS5054A diagnostic tool will be enough.

So how can you read the trouble codes withVAS 5054A diagnostic tool?

  1. Prepare a laptop that is compatible with VAS5054Adiagnostic tool. You can know what laptop is alright in its manual book.


  1. Find the port under the dashboard on the driver’s side, and connect the device and the port via a cable.


  1. Turn the ignition key on, but not start the engine, and wait for the device to show a welcome screen.


  1. Turn to the main menu, choose “Read Codes” and then select “Display Trouble Codes”.


  1. If VAS5054Ahas detected one or more DTCs, the screen will then display them. Now you can know what is wrong with your car by looking up what the codes mean.