Reset Jaguar Land Rover service interval by SDD step by step 

Brand-new ALLSCANNER VXDIAG A3 for BMW JLR VAG diagnostic tool first test report is coming! Check VXDIAG A3 Land Rover Freelander Service Reset functions as below:

vxdiag-for-bmw-jlr-vag-2 vxdiag-for-bmw-jlr-vag-3

How use ALLSCANNER VXDIAG A3 to do Land Rover Service Reset?

First, open JLD SDD v148 software and click the icon to login.

A warning message will show, check the contents then click “Continue”.

Next, click “Auto VIN Read”.

VXDIAG A3 read vehicle information including VIN.

Select the “Diagnosis” session to continue.

Then, select “Powertrain”→ “Engine system” → “Engine coding” and click “Continue.

It will display all systems status as below, click “Service Functions”.

Then click “Recommendations” on top bar. It will show parameters and functions available for reset.

Find “Special applications- Service internal reset” option and click “Run”.

A warning message will show, click “Agree”.

And follow the instruction:

Turn car ignition on (Switch to position 2).

Make sure car battery voltage is above 12V.

Turn ignition off.

It’s processing car configuration data.

Turn ignition on again then turn ignition off. (This ignition on and off action may repeat several times, just follow it)

Click “OK” to clear all vehicle DTC codes.

Clearing fault codes OK!

Turn on ignition.

In this way, ALLSCANNER VXDIAG A3 Service internal reset Land Rover is successfully complete!

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