How to Setup VAS 5054A ODIS V19 Software

obd2eshop engineers have made a VAS5054 ODIS V19 Installation video tutorial and store in the CD together with other files as the above pictures show. Here we will write a text guide on it for easier understanding:

VAS 5054a ODIS V19 Bluetooth with OKI chip contains the following files:
Audi CD 19.48 ENG (2.2013).iso
Bentley CD 19.09 ENG (2.2013).iso
Seat CD 19.78 ENG (3.2013).iso
SKoda CD 19.56 ENG (2.2013).ISO
VW CD 19.20 ENG (1.2013).iso
Lamborghini CD 19.12 ENG (9.2011).iso
Install Video


VAS5054 ODIS V19 Computer Windows System Requirements:

Windows XP(xp2/xp3)
Drive C:\ is required to be NTFS format.
Windows System Language: American English
C:// need to have at least 40GB space for installing VAS 5054A
VAS5054 ODIS V19 Function
Select car model and software version
VAS 5054A V19 for Bentleyvas-5054-odis-v19-setup-5

Select vehicle system

VAS 5054 v19.01.01 for Lamborghinivas-5054-odis-v19-setup-6