How to make BMW key for EWS 4 and CAS 1-4

First is the guide on making ews4 key. Below is the EWS 4 soldering point diagram using xprog m ECU programmer:

program-bmw-ews4-key program-bmw-ews4-key-1

Using ak90+ key programmer to read ews4 2l86d in circuit and no problems for now, this is diagram

  program-bmw-ews4-key-2 program-bmw-ews4-key-3

BMW key programmers needed to make key for CAS 1 to 4

For cas the best tool is tmpro, especially CAS3+
I have tested all and only this can make key to all situations
so you need a good tool for read/write CAS
Rosfar(original for me) or R270 key pro on table
Abrites via obd.

BMW multi tool via obd/ eeprom

AK300 key pro via remove CAS, work with CAS1, CAS 2, CAS 3, CAS3+

Motorola 912/9S12/9S12X Programmer is cheap at twice the price
and also fgtech is to read ECUs because it is necessary to have eeprom file to TMpro.